Will Video Studio



We will meet you in a cafe our in our office. We will come to your work or arrange the communication online. During the acquaintance we will answer all the questions bothering you. We’ll get to know you better to offer you ideas for the future video.
We offer you 2-3 ideas for discussion. You will know which one is yours. The idea you choose will turn into a scenario and then we will start filming.
We build the shooting process so it is easy and interesting for you. As a result — precious Video Story, in which you are the main heroes.



We believe in true life stories. That’s why we create videos, in which heroes don’t live by pattern.


Any relationship is unique. We choose forms and art solutions, that emphasize them. We are convinced, that relationship is the foundation of video.


We love, when video has a meaning. At first we discuss the idea with you, and only after we make sure you like it, we start the implementation.


For us Art is an ingenious combination of an idea and its form. You receive a Story, where each shoot is on its place.


We are artists. Freedom and trust from our customers are really important for us. The Will Video works speak for themselves.

Our address: Mendeleeva street, 37. Kiev, Ukraine

e-mail: nk@willvideo.co

cell phone: +380976583087

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